Federal Chemicals, Inc. (FCI) was formed on June 24, 1993 by two young and talented entrepreneurs. Their aim was to manufacture, market, and distribute alternative brands of sealants, adhesives, and ancillary products with excellent quality and will give the public more value for their money.

At the time of FEDCHEM's establishment, another brand of sealant dominated the hardware and construction markets. Seeing this as an opportunity to fullfill its vision, FedChem introduced FedSeal Elastromeric Sealant. Its wide acceptance by the market paved way for FedChem to follow FedSeal's success by introducing Surebond and Bondy contact cement brands, which also became by word in the leather goods industry.

Through the years, FedChem remains steadfast in its commitment to provide the public with practical solutions-economical and quality products. This prompted FedChem to align itself with foreign and more technologically advance companies such as :


Devcon is a world leader in technology and products for OEM assembly, and maintenance/repair applications. Devcon’s complete line of adhesives includes epoxy, methacrylate, cyanoacrylate, anaerobic, and silicone technologies. With Devcon adhesives, it’s possible to bond and repair everything from conventional materials to today’s engineered plastics, advanced composites, and exotic metals.


Orgavyl Chemical Industries, Berhad (OCI) is a leading company based in Malaysia. The Company offers a wide array of industrial and household do-it-yourself (DIY) adhesives and sealants whose quality and durability is recognized not only in Asia, but also in the European and American markets, making it one of the best in the world.



As one of Thailand's leading industrial groups. TOA Group of Companies has its presence in diverse industries ranging from paint to chemicals cusinesses, and from petrochemical to automotive businesses.  All of these products are distributed under the "TOA" brand, which has been receiveing trustfullness from both local and international markets.  Every step ahead, the group has a real commitment of developing and providing best quality products on worlds-class standards to all its customers.


Akzo Nobel is an international company active in the areas of pharmaceuticals, coatings and chemicals. Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has activities in more than 80 countries They are the world’s leading coatings company. Their brands include Sikkens®, International®, Crown® and Interpon®. Akzo Nobel’s coatings products were used on London’s Millennium Wheel, La Scala Opera House in Milan, the Öresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden and Stadium Australia in Sydney. Akzo Nobel is Among the top three global suppliers of finishes, services, software and graphics for decals for the car repair, commercial vehicles and transportation markets Business Unit. It is considered a world leader in coatings for car repair, commercial vehicles and automotive plastic coatings.

In Car Repair, It offers Sikkens as the top of the range brand, synonymous with quality, innovation and the highest level of services to the bodyshop, as well as a number of brands for other segments of the car repair market, such as Lesonal and Dynacoat.

In order to reach the Philippine market, these brands have chosen FedChem to be the exclusive distributor of their products in the country.

With its partnership, FedChem will be the dynamic player in the construction and hardware industries by offering the market "better alternative buys that promise more value for money."